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“Duncan and the team have been our Land Drainage Contractors for many years and always provide an excellent service, the staff have many years of experience and the work is always completed effectively and efficiently. We will have no problem using them again.'

Neil Webster –
J.N Webster Ltd


“Duncan Ross Ltd has been providing land drainage services to our farm land for over 30 years. The quality of service is always excellent.”

Fred Ollerton –
Home Farm


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Agricultural Land Drainage

Our wealth of experience acquired over 50 years of dedicated service to resolving agricultural land drainage issues ensures that we understand the needs and priorities of our agricultural Clients and provide them with successful solutions to their land drainage problems.

We provide a full survey, design, installation and maintenance service, tailored to the specific needs of an individual field and the available budget. We take great pride in our reputation for looking after the interests of our Customer to ensure that they receive the most appropriate, best value solution.

Maximising Benefit at Optimum Cost:

Not every field requires a complete new piped drainage installation. Often, where fields have existing piped drains these have simply become less effective over time, either through capping, lack of consideration of subsoil properties and infiltration rates, or simply due to our changing weather patterns.

We factor these issues into our surveys and by spending a small amount of time on adequate investigation can often save our Clients significant sums through reduced cost solutions to field drainage problems, such as:

  • Jetting and maintenance of existing installations
  • Replacing main or collector drains that have been subject to damage or subsidence
  • Installing supplementary or additional lateral drains to existing schemes
  • Digging off compacted fill or heavy soil to existing drains and replacing it with more permeable material.

We have the necessary technical expertise, the experience, the very latest laser and GPS guided plant and equipment, and the dedicated in-house specialist staff to ensure that you are provided with the very best levels of service.

Our Services:

  • Piped Land Drainage
  • Pumped Land Drainage
  • Supplementary Drainage
  • Stone Trenching
  • Drain Jetting
  • Ditch Construction
  • Ditch Clearance
  • Mine Subsidence Drainage
  • Pre & Post Construction Pipeline Drainage
  • Subsoiling & Earthquaking


    Duncan ross
“Priding ourselves on our quality of service, our experienced, skilled workforce provides an efficient and economical solution to any type of land drainage project, working with our Agricultural Clients to ensure minimal disruption to farming activities and work schedules.”

Mr Duncan Ross
Managing Director
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