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Who We Are

As a result of our uncompromising business and work ethic, repeat business constitutes a large part of our annual order book and we are very proud of the fact that we enjoy long-lasting, close relationships with a large number of our Clients throughout the UK.

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Our Values


Is something we strive for in every aspect of everything we do; not only in terms of the what (the services we deliver) but also in terms of the how (our methods, attitudes, behaviours and performance).


No compromise on promises, openness, trust, propriety or fairness.


Recognising that through teamwork, collaboration and the building of supportive relationships we can excel for the benefit of all stakeholders.


In performing our obligations we show the highest respect for the environment, the people, and the communities we interact with.





    Duncan ross
Duncan Ross
Managing Director

“At Duncan Ross Ltd we are committed to the highest standards of performance across all aspects of our business. Our values expressed here merely articulate the manner in which we approach business. They define how we think and how we act on a day-to-day basis, and are reflective of how we approach business planning and decision making”